Sunday, July 22, 2012


So Adam just gave me the hCG shot, which didn't hurt at all, despite the scary needle. And so that's that. How we did joke, btw. His one chance to poke me to get me pregnant, hah-hah.

Final tally: 6 mostly mature follicles, one additional follie that may or may not mature by Tuesday, my retrieval day. Sizes: 23x14, 17x14, 19x12, 23x19, 19x14, and 16x6. The other one is at around 12.

This isn't great for a PGD cycle. But right now I'm just grateful to have made it this far. At least I didn't get cancelled, right? If we don't end up with enough embryos to biopsy, we can at least try and freeze the ones we have and try again. I guess the worst case scenario would be if none of the eggs fertilized. That would really suck. My intuition is that if we do get one decent Kell- embryo to transfer, I have a decent shot. But that isn't so very likely.

There is one man who works at the hospital's ultrasound lab on weekends. He is so unbelievably kind, and at 7:30 in the morning. He has the manner of a good priest or rabbi. Women are so often beat up by this  infertility grind. We endure so many moments of despair, of feeling kicked in the stomach by some friend's pregnancy announcement or some party where all the conversation is all about kids or should I have a third? And this man treats you like he sees the bruises on your soul. It means so much.

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Io said...

I love that by the way - he "treats you like he sees the bruises on your soul." Beautiful.