Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And then there were...

Two. Turns out I got it wrong: 2 of the eggs were immature. Only 4 were mature. One was fertilized by 2 sperm. And one disintegrated. So now we have two.

I'm not destroyed by this news, but a mild depression has settled in. I'm probably having a better day than Kristin Stewart, so that's something.  I am  happy that only 1 of them actually old-lady-disintegrated. But I also know that this is just day 1, and the chances of ending up with a healthy Kell-negative embryo by Sunday are pretty damn slim. My RE was the one who called, not his nurse, a sure sign of bad news, and he said that it was an option for us to freeze the two embryos and save them for the next cycle. But what's the point? Freezing destroys embryos much more than biopsy. So if we have 2 to biopsy by Friday, we'll do it.

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Io said...

Well shiiiiit. That stinks. But hopefully the two that made it survived because they are the most kick ass Kell-negative embryos that ever were. I have my toes crossed.