Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm on day 9 of stims and off to a very slow start. Estradiol is rising slowly and I only have 3 follicles as of yesterday morning. I'm doing all I can...adding acupuncture, CoQ10, melatonin, and fish oil to the routine to give my body any advantage I can. But if you happen to be reading this and could send some prayers my way, I'd be grateful. I don't know exactly what I believe about God or a universal order anymore, but I'm praying anyway. Praying for just one more little life for us to bring forth and cherish.

One possible bright spot: the nurse says that even if this cycle doesn't improve, they can freeze any embryos that we do get and then do another cycle to try and produce enough for biopsy and PGD. So at least this cycle doesn't have to be a total waste.

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Io said...

You'll be in my thoughts! Hopefully some more follicles bust through like the KoolAid man.