Monday, February 23, 2009

Eye meme

Niobe suggested starting a meme where we post a photo of our eyes. Interesting timing, because I was just playing around with this site, which lets you calculate the odds of your children having any particular eye color, based on the color of the parents' and grandparents' irises. What I learned is that there's no way any child of mine will have my eyes, thanks to my brown-eyed in-laws.

I guess I'm just narcissistic enough to wish that I could look into Sam's eyes and see a reflection of my own. But his are settling into a gorgeous chestnut brown ringed with blue-grey. If I had any shot at getting him to sit still, I'd post a photo, but it isn't going to happen. Sam's eyes are his own, and I should be grateful for this ever-present reminder that he isn't meant to be a reflection of either of us.

p.s. If you look closely, you can see the post-preg skin tag just below my lower eyelashes. Have you gone about having them removed? Is it painful?

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Rachel said...

I'm visiting from Niobe's post.

Your eyes are beautiful. For the record my sister who has eyes so dark they are almost black has a light green eyed son. And my best friend who also has dark brown eyes, hair, and olive skin as 2 daughters with fair skin, blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. You just never know.

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